Episode1, or, Don't Drown

Aboard the Floating Cask for several boring days, our group was charged by the Federation to deliver a chest to an unnamed contact, in some damn place.

We were attacked by a large steam powered ship, and a very tacky tiefling named Arak Logan who claimed that our cargo was dangerous. His water elementals proceeded to take said chest away through the gaping hole in the side of our ship while TC, Khan and Hane attempted to take down the water bending swashbuckler.

Eventually, the magical lock on the chest failed and a BEHOLDER was released. It then became a race to secure the beholder before it regained it’s full strength and wiped out the entire party. Which it very easily could have. Some people fell unconscious and nearly drowned as the Cask slowly sank into the ocean, but we were able to evacuate all the important peeps up to the top deck and with the aid of Arak, force the beholder back into the chest.

Arak, in a douchey way, invited us onto his ship but we had to figure our own damn way to get up there. Once we gained the safety of the Dire Gar, we were allowed to rest in the bottom cargo hold of his vessel, which was powered entirely through Arak’s water and fire bending.

Arak was attempting to repair the magical lock on the beholder’s prison… using magic that TC could duplicate given time, but that was at a premium considering how quickly the steamboat was approaching Port Rico. At the end of the episode the slippery tiefling jumped ship with the chest and was seen heading to the yacht club in the Town.

Episode1, or, Don't Drown

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