Let us play Dungeons & Dragons

You are employees of a large trading organization called The Federation. Technically you are in the philanthropy department. You’re not sure what that means.

You have been tasked with
“Embettering the position of The Federation” by

  • Exploring the planes in search of useful items and information
  • Enabling local organizations to benefit from the services provided by The Federation
  • Aiding in restructuring incompatible organizations

Hammer, a Federation Warforged Fighter accompanies you. When he speaks, which is rarely, it represents The Federation. Sometimes he provides you with mission details, though, often he gives musings, or a vague traveling direction. He will answer no questions.

This gives you some autonomy when no official business is afoot, and you may chose to represent The Federation or not in your personal dealings.

These are your adventures…

Modus Operandi:

Dungeons & Dragons is treated episodically, like early Star Trek or Dr. Who; it isn’t some grand story that needs everyone to show up each time. It is usually the same gang of travellers who get into trouble each week and have to figure out a solution. probably resolving each story in 1-2 sessions, but the characters will level so you can continue to be the same guy each time if you want. There will be recurring NPCs, and maybe if you pay attention some epic level crap going on in the background, but the background won’t be strictly necessary knowledge for all players.

It will be bi-weekly again, and regulars can show up with their character ready to go, and there will be some standby characters for people to drop in and play.

Drop in Players

If you have a rough idea of what you want your character to be, I can make it based on that, you don’t have to completely spec it out.

Custom Rules:

Action Points!

  • You get an action point for arriving before 7:30pm.
  • You can use them once per round (turn) instead of once per encounter.
  • they are awarded for clever plays or for role playing.
  • You get one action point per encounter instead of per 2 encounters and they don’t go away when you sleep.
  • You can get an action point if you write a summary of the episode before the next one.
  • you can use them to:

    gain a standard action
    reroll anything
    gain the use of an expended encounter power

Make a new character whenever

if you want to roll your own character you can make one at our current level (as of November 5 this is 8).

Each character receives

  • one magic item of one level higher than their level (level + 1),
  • one of their level (level + 0), and
  • one of one level lower than their level (level – 1).
  • gold pieces equal to the value of one magic item of one level lower than their level (level – 1) to buy other equipment they think they’ll need.

So, to use our 8th level example above, each character would have one 7th level, one 8th level and one 9th level magic item, plus 2,600 gold pieces to spend on other equipment (both mundane and magical).


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